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There is nothing more depressing and exhausting than constant pain. It is so difficult to get comfortable, to rest or to get away from it. It’s just always there, from the time you wake till the time you go to sleep – and often after that, too.

Back pain and neck pain are particularly difficult to handle because it is difficult to find a way to stand, lie down, sit or walk comfortably, and it can affect your ability to work or get through the day’s chores.

Local Chiropractors Can Help You

San Antonio chiropractors really understand what back and neck pain is all about. They believe that misalignment of the spine (subluxation) can be at the very root of any pain you feel, wherever it is in your body – even if your back isn’t actually sore. It might even be the reason why certain of your body systems don’t work correctly.

They also believe that by correcting the spinal alignment, they can restart the body’s own ability to heal itself and many of those pains and malfunctions can become a thing of the past.

Choosing a San Antonio Chiropractor

The best chiropractors are featured on our website. We’ve done our research and found the top chiropractors in San Antonio, TX to help put you on the right track to finding an end to your chronic pain. Who is the best one for you? Read up on our featured chiropractors and make your choice.

Back Pain Treatment in San Antonio

Traditional chiropractic involves manual manipulation of the spine in order to bring it back into alignment.

Spinal decompression therapy is aimed at treating lower back pain from a herniated, bulging, or degenerated disc. It uses traction created by using a motorized table or similar device. The spine is alternately stretched and relaxed in a controlled manner. While it is stretched, the bulges or herniations are sucked back into the discs along with water, oxygen and nutrients which will help to heal the disc.

Decompression therapy is a non-surgical way to deal with many disc damage or degeneration issues and various types of lower back and neck pain such as leg pain (sciatica), pinched nerves and other conditions. However it is not recommended if you are suffering from certain conditions like osteoporosis or a spinal tumour.

Your chiropractor will advise you as to whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.