Find the Best Chiropractors in USA

If you’re looking for a completely drug-free and non-surgical solution to getting rid of pain that’s been tormenting you for years, it may be time for you to talk to a chiropractor.

It doesn’t matter where the pain is, a chiropractor may well be the best person to deal with it. Although their work involves manipulating the spine, it is not purely a treatment for back pain. It has been reported to help with all sorts of pain, as well as other problems ranging from asthma to blood pressure and scoliosis.

We help you take the first step towards finding out whether a chiropractor can help put an end to your pain and suffering. We feature only the best chiropractors in the United States according to the cities where they practice.

Find The Best Chiropractors in Your Area:

Chiropractic treatment applications

Good results have been claimed for chiropractic treatment in the following areas:

  • Back, neck and joint pain caused by the strain put on the spine by stress; muscle strain; obesity; having a poor posture or inactive lifestyle; or having a poor support system for your back, such as a poor mattress or unsupportive shoes.
  • Scoliosis (Curvature of the spine)
  • Tension Headaches and migraines caused by a poor posture, stress, or tiredness.
  • Ear infections and colic in children caused by pressure.
  • Neurological problems may be eased by increasing the flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid. Chiropractic may also reverse the dropping of the cerebellum below skull as well as brain plaquing associated with multiple sclerosis.
  • Blood pressure through balancing high or low blood pressure by using upper cervical chiropractic adjustment.
  • General health: Improvement in general health is reported, including improved immunity and organ function, mental clarity and physical energy and performance.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic is a non-surgical and drug-free treatment which follows two basic principles:

The first is a belief in the body’s ability to heal itself. The chiropractor wants to find out not only what pain you have and where you feel it, but why you are having it and where the root of that pain is, in order to kick-start the body’s self-healing process.

The second principle of chiropractic is that health problems are generally caused when the nervous system doesn’t work properly because the muscoskeletal system (the skeleton, muscles, joints and the tissue that supports and keeps them together) is not functioning properly because it is out of alignment.

The backbone of pain

As the spine is major channel for the body’s nervous system, chiropractic focuses on it as the most likely place where a lot of your pain starts, no matter where you actually feel it. Chiropractic tries to realign any parts of the spine that are out of alignment, in order to treat pain or health issues in all areas of the body.

The spine’s the part of our body that keeps us upright, while also allowing as to bend and twist. Because it’s long, it’s also vulnerable, and we don’t always remember that.

Often we overdo the bending or twisting and we slump over our mobile phones or computers with our backs bent and our chins stuck out. We don’t get enough exercise and don’t give a thought to those 24 independent vertebrae that are keeping our heads up. We do it so often that in the end, our posture is bad permanently. We start getting back or neck pain, and we wonder why.

What leads to back pain?

Besides passively ignoring our spines, we expose them to getting out of alignment. We pick up heavy objects without thinking about what we’re doing or how. Our backs are easily injured in falls or in contact sport. Then there’s age – and we can’t get away from that one. As we get older, our muscoskeletal system naturally ages with us, and that’s aside from degenerative diseases, like osteoporosis, which change the spine and discs. It takes far less to hurt our backs, and far more to recover.

But my back’s not sore now…

To make it worse, some of the injuries we had when we were younger come back to haunt us. Most acute back pain disappears by itself within about 6 weeks. That’s good, right? No, not always. Sometimes the body’s attempts to heal itself mean doing the best with what it’s got. Unable to put a spinal joint back in place, the body adapts the spine’s support system, the muscoskeletal system, to get by as best it can. So although the pain is gone, the problem isn’t.

Getting the message across

Nerves carry messages from the brain to areas all over the body like e-mails in a huge internet system. When they can’t deliver them that well, it’s often because the spine is no longer a reliable router. The nervous system controls every cell with these messages. If it can’t deliver them properly something will eventually crash.

The back pain could return, or problems could start in another part of the body that hasn’t been getting the correct messages for a long time.

That’s why your chiropractor will look at your spine first, wherever your pain is right now. The idea is to help the body get the right messages to the right places – to reboot that internet router and get your connections up to speed.

More than just pain relief

The chiropractor uses two different methods of treatment. One involves manual pressure to realign vertebrae or joints, applying different degrees of force, depending on the situation. The adjustments are aimed at improving spinal joint movement. While providing pain relief, manipulation is also used to restore function and prevent further injury.

The second method, spinal or disc decompression therapy, uses a motorized table to stretch and relax the spine in a controlled way to allow herniations or bulges on the discs to be drawn back into the affected disc and heal it.

The chiropractor may also offer a rehabilitation program including nutrition and exercise advice.